Leiner Pak Gelatine Limited., is a public limited company listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. The company was established in 1983 in collaboration with P. Leiner & Sons Great Britain Ltd. This was the first project to produce “HALAL” Gelatine throughout the Muslim world with the capacity of 3000 M.Ton annually.
Besides the production of Gelatine , Di-calcium phosphate as bye product of the process is also catering the quality conscious customers, especially in the poultry feed producing industry.
It is the matter of privilege and great satisfaction that we are producing and exporting “HALAL” Gelatine derived from halal animals slaughtered in Islamic way.
Management is fully aware with the advancement in technology in Gelatine production and other allied products. The production process remains abreast with the latest procedures and machinery used in producing Gelatine. Use of latest technology ensures the quality production under the brand name of Leiner Pak Gelatine throughout the world.
Professional Hiring
Management is very keen in maintaining and to further improve the quality of Gelatine and Di-calcium phosphate. This object is being achieved by following two ways going side by side:
• Advancement in technology.
• Hiring and developing the professional team in their respective field.
We feel proud that our company has managed to build a team of highly qualified Chemical Engineers and Chemists with strong motivation towards quality production. It is the team of our professionals which is playing key role in meeting the requirements of the customers without error, on time and every time.



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